Treatment Methods

Everything pelvic-related in one place

 Pelvicademy, being a new field, invites professionals of various schools: Arvigo, Anpuku, Chinese medicine, naturopathy, reflexology, Shiatsu, martial arts, Somatic Movement, Anatomy Trains, pelvic floor physiotherapy, osteopathy, yoga, Pilates, gynecology and many other fields of medicine – to work together and learn from one another, while having the patient’s best interest in mind. Our goal is to study different perspectives, and to create together a multidimensional technique that will contribute to our understanding and support of pelvic health.

Each professional comes from a path which led her to specialize in a certain field. And thus, the goal of this website, Pelvicademy studies online or in the classroom, is to create a personalized study scheme for each individual. Each practitioner can select from the various lectures, courses and articles this website offers, choose those fields of knowledge that intrigue them, and combine them with their existing tools.

Over our years as practitioners, whenever we learned a new field – we would immediately test its practical applications in our clinic and apply it with our patients. What felt right to us, what worked, what we connected to – stayed with us and merged into our work process. By now, we have acquired tools from tens of different schools, which we use like condiments – introducing them to our ‘casserole’ according to our needs.

Our toolbox has been richened, and our knowledge and understanding of the pelvis have deepened. With a clear intention – there’s a clear treatment. When we have the proper knowledge and understanding of anatomy, meridians, fascia, and somatic influences – the treatment can percolate throughout, and influence in the deepest sense.


You are welcome to join us on our journey…