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May 2022


The art of abdominal palpation


traditional Japanese medicine


Nigel Dawes

Sunday May 8th

10AM – 12PM New York time

Nigel is an internationally known teacher and author who has been practicing East Asian Medicine for almost 40 years. 

He is well-known  for his work on Fukushin – abdominal diagnosis and application in clinical practice, Acupuncture, Shiatsu and Kampo (Sino-Japanese Herbal Medicine).

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Past Lectures and Workshops (Recorded):

Febuary 2022

Treatment & Harmonization of Pelvic Scars 

 Global Scar Harmonization (GSH)


Adam Kanner


Tuesday, Febuary 8th

5PM – 7PM France time


Practitioner of general Osteopathy and Cranio- Sacral

Specializes in scar treatment and Body-Mind balancing after surgery, Developed the Global Scar Harmonizing courses


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November 2021

Introduction to balancing the diaphragms
The Pelvic Diaphragm: 
Theory and Applications

Julie Hammond

10th & 3rd of November (Zoom)

10:00 – 11:30 Israel

4 PM – 5:30 PM Australia Perth time zone

Julie Hammond, the director and head teacher in the field of anatomical trains in Australia

will give a 2 part lecture –
 where we will learn, research and deepen our knowledge and understanding of the connection between the Diaphragm system, Fascia continuity and the pelvis

June 2021

Sensitive Acupuncture

Practical treatment approaches and research on to the pelvic region

Chinese medicine from a Japanese point of view


 Stephen Birch

24th of June (Zoom)

10:00 – 12:00 Israel time zone

11:00 – 13:00 Holland time zone

Stephen Birch, a leading figure in the Chinese medical world, will discuss the potential role of Japanese acupuncture, the different approaches, diagnosis and use of acupuncture based scientific studies. He will talk about the sensitivity of the pelvic region and how to approach it in the most professional way in order to create receptivity and healing.

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June 2021

The perception of the pelvis area in the eyes of in Jin Shin Do®


Pierluigi Duina

15th of June  (Zoom)

18:00 – 20:00 (Israel)

5 – 7 PM (Italy)

Pierluigi Duina, A Senior practitioner and the head instructor of Jin Shin Do Body mind Center® in Brescia, Italy

Will Discuss how he integrates Jin Shin Do and the “Segmental Theory” of William Reich and the Extraordinary Vessels of Chinese Medicine

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May 2021

Pelvic  floor & Kiko breathing method by Dr. Kaneko

30th of May  (Zoom)

19:00 – 21:00 Israel Time 

9AM – 11AM Pacific Standard Time

Dr. DoAnn Kanko Sensei is one of the Senior Anma Shiatsu therapists in the world today. A pioneer who brought Shiatsu from Japan to the West, Dr. Kaneko will share with us knowledge and experience of over 5 decades of blessed work

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April - May 2021

East meets west for pelvic health

Philippe Vandenabeele

26th of April + 3rd of May (Zoom)

10:00 – 11:30 Israel time zone

5 PM Japan time

This workshop will focus on pelvic health from the perspective of Japanese touch theory.

Philippe Vandenabeele, developer of the  the Shinzui Bodywork Method, will demonstrate and share how some Eastern and Western approaches can be combined.

He will explore the extended channel system of the Zen Shiatsu and knowledge from the Anpuku, including reference to the extraordinary channels and learn how these traditional Japanese treatments can be easily combined with visceral osteopathy and other models to create a deeper sense of rootedness.

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March 2021

Prenatal &  Perinatal  model of psychobiology 
focusing on the pelvis and how it triggers collective trauma 
Sonia Gomes Ph.D

24.3 – 25.3

17:00 – 20:00  

Sonia Gomez Clinical Psychologist, SEP and trauma specialist, will take us in this experiential workshop, on a journey into the pelvis,

A journey of senses, exercises, movement and discourse,

where we will experience the embryological process and through it we will determine the forces that shape embryonic development. the same forces that regenerate and build the adult body.

Through this somatic experience and fetal development we will link to collective trauma

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February 2021

 Using the diaphragm system to restore and balance the pelvic floor: an east meets west approach

2nd & 9th of February

20:00 – 21:30 

Elaine Duncan, a Chinese medicine and somatic experience practitioner, combines Eastern and Western theories in a fascinating workshop on the anatomical, neural, somatic and Chinese understanding of the relationship between diaphragms and its effect on the pelvis

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December 2020

The Pelvis: Structure, Power, Posture and Trauma

By Dave Berger 

8.12 & 15.12 18:00 

This workshop focuses on the connection between the pelvis, the rest of the body, development, strength and trauma. A didactic and experiential workshop, which provides practical tools for a clinic in the ground, self-empowerment, soft ease and the beginning of healing from trauma. Dave Berger Senior Teacher at the Trauma Institute for Somatic Experience teaches Somatic Experiencing ©. Developed BASE ™: Bodywork and Somatic Education, touch training for trauma therapists

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October 2020

5 מערכות הזרימה באגן עם דר רוזיטה ארויגו

13.10.20 18:00 (זום)

זהו מושג מקורי שפותח והוצג על ידי ד”ר ארויגו במשך עשרות שנים של טיפול בלקוחות ועוסקים בהוראת טכניקות ארויגו של עיסוי בטן ממסורת שבט המאיה. באופן הייחודי והמרתק שלה, היא תראה כיצד תעלות עורקים, ורידים, עצבים, לימפה וצ’י מתפקדות בהרמוניה ומה קורה לאיברי הבטן והאגן של הנשים כאשר יש חסימה בחמשת ערוצי הזרימה הללו.


לרכישת ההרצאה המוקלטת נא לחצו כאן


ספטמבר 2020

רצועות הרחם  עם דר רוזיטה ארויגו

15.9.2020 18:00 (זום)

מבנה, פונקציה ומה קורה כשכל זה לא עובד כמתוכנן

הרחם מוחזק ברצפת האגן על ידי שש עשרה רצועות המשרתות מטרה מסוימת כל אחת. התרופפות או הידוק של מבנים אלו אחראיים על שלל בעיות בריאות הנשים באגן, בהרצאה זו תלמדו לזהות את הרצועות, את תפקידיהן ומה קורה כשהן נפגעות ואינן יכולות לבצע כפי שהתכוון הטבע.

ד”ר רוזיטה ארויגו, היא רופאה נפראפטית, הרבליסטית, מרצה בינלאומית ומחברת עשרה ספרים בנושא ריפוי טבעי וצמחי מרפא.


לרכישת ההרצאה המוקלטת נא לחצו כאן