Chinese Medicine

Chinese medicine is a therapeutic field practiced for thousands of years, which is based on Chinese philosophy that views patterns in the human body as a reflection of patterns existing in nature.

The beauty of Chinese medicine lies in it viewing the universe as an energetic tapestry of movement and vitality. Where there is a balance between the different layers, organs and tissues of the individual – there is health. Whenever this inner balance is interrupted – symptoms of illness will appear.

The attempt to discover where is it the balance has been interrupted is done through personal diagnosis – an investigation of the movements and patterns of the body and mind, as well as the individual’s past and present as they reflect in his everyday life, in order to identify where have they stirred off the road for health and balance.

For this reason the diagnosis is personal and no treatment is alike, even when the western definition of the disease is similar. The diagnosis is done through talk, observing the tongue, listening to the pulse and body examination. The methods of treatment include acupuncture, medicinal herbs, Tuina (touch therapy), nutritional guidance and movement. Chinese Medicine


Healing through the Navel Gate

Taoist wisdom of Navel reading & Internal Organ Healing Transforming Blocked Emotions into Creative Motions

Osi Livni


The art of abdominal palpation in traditional Japanese medicine

$100.00 $80.00
Nigel Dawes

The Pelvicology Philosophy

The Pelvicalogical perspective as a creation of philosophy, music, poetry, embryology, anatomy, movement and breath – connecting all layers to…

Yael Saslove

Tongue Diagnosis - Indepth Extensive Workshop

Essential, thorough and efficient diagnostic tool

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Sensitive Acupuncture

Practical treatment approaches and research on to the pelvic region Chinese medicine from a Japanese point of view

Stephen Birch

The Perception of the Pelvic Region

in Jin Shin Do®, integrating the “Segmental Theory” of William Reich and the Extraordinary Vessels of Chinese Medicine

Pierluigi Duina

East meets West for Pelvic Health

How traditional Japanese therapies can be combined with visceral osteopathy and other models to create a deeper sense of rootedness

Philippe Vandenabeele‏

Using the Diaphragm System to Restore Balance and Regulation in the Pelvic Floor: An East Meets West Approach

A hands-on workshop on somatic and neural resonance in the diaphragm system

Alaine Duncan

Introduction to tongue diagnosis

Self-Learning Course How to understand, diagnose and apply

Yael Saslove