Abdominal Therapy

Maya abdominal therapy, formerly called the Arvigo abdominal massage, is a treatment method based on ancient techniques originating from the Mayan tradition.

Dr. Rosita Arvigo travelled from the US to the jungles of Belize, where she met Don Elijio Panti, a local healer and Shaman.  After many pleadings, he agreed to teach her the practice of abdominal massage, medicinal herbs and other healing techniques of the Mayan tribe. Arvigo combined her modern naraphatic (a manual method, similar to chiropractic) background with the ancient traditional knowledge she acquired, and created a unique touch therapy technique.

The Arvigo method is centered on massage techniques which improve the flow and movement in the pelvis, and as a result affect the entire body, both physically and mentally.

The uterus is held inside the pelvis by 16 ligaments. When some of them get out of balance  as a result of improper posture, unhealthy lifestyle or trauma – the uterus changes it position, the pelvis is affected, and the blood flow, lymph, the nervous system and Chi flowing to it – will all be compromised. As a result, the woman’s health and general well-being will be compromised.

The Arvigo method is a gentle and precise touch technique that treats the digestive system, the fertility system and the urinary system, restores bodily health and well-being.


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